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    QLD Primary School Game ChangerTargeting 8-12 year olds, ‘Miss STEMify’ encourages females to take up STEM careers. Growing at double the rate of other…
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    Congratulations teams in the 2022 Techgirls competition from our Patron - Ardent!
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    QLD PRIMARY SCHOOL HIGHLY COMMENDEDKids can find it hard to discover nearby classes that interest them. For example some girls cannot find certain sports classes and…

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    Has your child got a different ability? Do you find it hard to find the perfect park? Well, this is the app for you. Playgrounds are important for all children -…
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    2018 National Primary School Winners 2018 Joint State Primary School Winners P-Cubed’s free multi-platform app, Plastic Pollution Preventers, will help young…
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